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Our Story

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Our Mission

We are a Christian based company who strives to give glory to God in all that we do - in how we treat our employees, how we care for our clients and how we impact our community.  We are committed to an atmosphere of kindness, respect, honesty and integrity so that everyone who walks through our doors will leave feeling valued.

Our Craft

Our style is warm, welcoming, and simple - a salon for the everyday person. Come in and relax while we take care of your hair needs. Enjoy our complimentary snacks and beverages while you wait. During your service we love to catch up on what is going on in your life or let you sit and unwind after a long day.  Our priority is keeping your hair healthy while creating color, styles and haircuts that you can easily recreate at home. We want you walking out of Willow Salon + Co. feeling valued, confident and beautiful.

Our Salon

Willow Salon + Co officially came about in 2023 but has been in the ‘dream’ stage for a long time. The salon started as Inspire Salon in 2007 and I purchased it in 2016.  I have always thought there was room for improvement in how salon’s are organized and run.  The dream for a salon that looked and felt cozy, inviting, and professional has always been a goal of mine and in October 2023, that became a reality.  My intention / plan for our salon has been to provide a space where stylists and clients feel confident, comfortable and well cared for and a place where our stylists genuinely enjoy who they are working with and what they do. We’ve grown and changed over the years, but our heart has remained the same - we are committed to an atmosphere of kindness, respect and integrity so that everyone that walks through our doors will leave feeling valued.

Salon Tour

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